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The Role of Local Fishermen as Countermeasure towards Illegal Fishing in Siddo Village, Barru Regency
Amaliyah1); Resky Amalia Syafiin 2)

Faculty of Law, Hasanuddin University


This research was taken place in Barru Regency and aimed to understand the form and intencity of illegal fishing activities occurred in Siddo Village, Barru Regency; examine the role of local wisdom concerning fishery in the effort for countermeasures of illegal fishing in Siddon Village, Barru Regency; as well as improve the role of government in following up this illegal fishing activities. The type of research that was used was socio-legal research described in descriptively qualitatively manner. The techniques used for data collection consist of indepth interview, observation, and literature study. The interview was conducted with Judges of Barru District Court, Staff of Fishery Department of Barru Regency, Staff of District Office of Soppeng Riaja, Staff of Village Office of Siddo Village and Fishermen. Literature research was conducted to collect secondary data such as supporting documents, research papers and other references related to the research topic. The result obtained throughout 2018 was that there was only one case decided by Barru District Court. Fishermen of Siddo Village also still uphold the values of local wisdom in fishing activities. Fishermen still use trawl ring with 1-inch large mesh net. Public awareness and attitudes which are not attempted or interested in using modern technology and stick with whatever results that were achieved. Thus, the ecosystem and marine wealth in Siddo Village are still maintained.

Keywords: Illegal Fishing, Local Wisdom, Trawl Ring

Topic: Maritime, Environment and international policy


Conference: The 1st International Conference on Trade, Business, Human Rights, and Globalization (ICTBHRsG 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Amaliyah Amaliyah)

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