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On the analytical model of Atmospheric Diffusion
A. Sulaiman

Geostech Laboratory, Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi
Kawasan Pupspiptek Serpong, Tanggerang Selatan.


One of an importance application of physics in daily lives is atmospheric diffusion problem i.e description of contaminant transport in the atmosphere. Something we released into the atmosphere will undergo a diffusion processes. How and what will happen to substance was very important in life because determining the quality of human life. In this paper the transport of airbone contaminant will be studied by solving advection-diffusion equation. Various analytic solutions and the environmental implication will be given. We illustrate our results with an application to the study of zinc emission of a smelter operation and haze dispersion from forests burning.

Keywords: atmospheric difusion, forest, Gaussian

Topic: Physics


Conference: Seminar Kontribusi Fisika (SKF 2015)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Albert Sulaiman)

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