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Implementation of Islamic values in Indonesia-s hospital
Arlina Dewi(a*), Nur Hidayah (b), Rini Juni Astuti (c), Ekorini Listiowati (d)

a,b Master of Hospital Management, Postgraduate Program, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia
c Department Management, Faculty of Economic and Bussiness, Universitas Muhammdiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia
d School of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia


This research aims to describe the implementation of Islamic values in hospitals in Indonesia toward their patient health services. This study uses a descriptive observational with a cross-sectional design. The data obtained from two phases of analysis. The first phase carried out through Islamic values listed on the vision and or mission and or values and or objectives of organization of Islamic hospitals websites in Indonesia. The second phase was carried out through online distribution in the form of Google form via the internet. One hundred and sixty-two answered questionnaires were collected from hospital employees of 68 hospitals. There are 19 Islamic words that were listed in the vision, mission and or objectives of the organization which were formed in 10 themes. They are faith (Imaan)-Sholeh-Akhlaqul Khaimah, innovation, welfare of the people, social duties, the nature of the prophet (Sadiq, Amanah, Tabligh, Fathonah), work as worship, trust and sincerity, friendship, greetings, and sharia principles. The implementation of sharia values in most of Islamic Hospitals staffs in Indonesia still focused on self-improvement for continuous refinement and to do innovation, but it is considered as not optimal in the staffs- operational activities in the hospitals.

Keywords: shariah value; Islamic hospital

Topic: Human Resources Management


Conference: The 4th International Conference of Hospital Administration (ICHA 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Arlina Dewi)

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