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Achmad Hariri

Faculty of Law Universit of Muhammadiyah Surabaya


The Role of Local Government for realizing prosperous state is very important, it-s because Indonesia has the concept of a unitary state and chose the principle of decentralization, which the central government entrusts the government arrangement to the regional government known as autonomy of regions, but in the implementation of regional autonomy it is very difficult to avoid the corrupt practices by unscrupulous local officials, even the practice of corruption has become a scourge for local governments. The main factor that causes is the role of the internal supervisors of government it has not strength, even in their existence as a subordinate regional governance. The problem in this case is how about the strategic method to reconstruct the governance supervision system in the regions. The results in this study are to reduce the occurrence of corruption in local government carried out by strengthening the local government supervision system, several strategic steps include; First, the Government Internal Supervisory Apparatus must be strengthened by law. Second, The role of Regional House of Representative (DPRD) must be returned as the concept of the tries politica by Montesque, namely as controlling the local government in order to realize Check and Balance. Third, Public Participation must be involved because it has an important role to prevent corruption in local government, because in a democratic state without public participation it will be difficult to realize good local governance.

Keywords: Supervisory Law, Local Government, Good Local Governance

Topic: Law


Conference: 1st Borobudur International Symposium (BIS 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Zulhilmi Rizki Filhaj)

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