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A Learning Model Based an Comprehensive Games (Study Conceptual Learning Model to Improve The Cognitive and Social Emotional Early Childhood Abilities)
Sri Tatminingsih

Universitas Terbuka


Learning or development activities in early childhood should be implemented holistically and comprehensively in order to develop all aspects of its development, including cognitive and emotional social. One of the models developed is a comprehensive game-based learning model. This early childhood learning model was developed through research and development with 9 (nine) steps developed by Borg and Gall. The model was developed with reference to three games: constructive, educational and traditional games based on learning theories of early childhood and the theories associated with the three games. This model is purposely designed for alternative members of early childhood teachers to stimulate cognitive and social-emotional abilities of children simultaneously. Stages in this model include 1) Conducting initial assessment 2) Analyzing initial ability 3) Implementing the learning process 4) conducting the final assessment 5) analyzing the final assessment result and all the stages are evaluated thoroughly. The materials and tools used in this model are: an assessment instrument of cognitive, social-emotional abilities, guides and a comprehensive game tool called "Colored Sticks", as well as an instrument of observation of learning. In this model, the role of ECE teacher as facilitator, planner, implementer and assessor cannot be replaced.

Keywords: learning models, comprehensive games, early childhood, cognitive and social-emotional Abilities

Topic: Support for childrens holistic development in the Industial revolution era


Conference: The 5th International Conference of Early Childhood Education (ICECE 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Sri Tatminingsih)

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