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Papaya Fruit Extract on Growth of The Young Mice
Yuktiana Kharisma (a), Santun Bhekti R (a), Herry S. Sastramihardja(a)

Departement of Pharmacology Medicine Faculty of Universitas Islam Bandung, Indonesia


The coverage of exclusive breastfeeding is still low in Indonesia. Lactagogues are used as an efforts to solve the breastmilk production that can be evaluate indirectly by measuring the young mice growth. Papaya has been use as breastmilk stimulation among Indonesian. Objective of the study is to examine the effect of aqueous extract of unripe papaya fruit on milk production by measuring weight gain and growth of the young mice. The experiment was held at Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory of Padjadjaran University. An experimental study was conducted to 21 lactating mice divided into 3 treatment groups randomly with 10 babies each. First group served as negative control, luteotropin of 6mg/ 30g BW/ day and unripe papaya fruit aqueous extract of 20mg / 30g BW/ day was given orally for the second and third groups respectively. It was started at 4 th -16 th lactation day.The result was analyzed using ANOVA and followed by Tukey test with SPSS 13.00. The babies weight gain in group I, II, and III were 1.25 ± 0.62 g / 6h, 2.25 ± 0.29g / 6h, and 2,21 ± 0.28g / 6h respectively. The growth in group I was 2.95 ± 0.8g/ 2 d; group II was 7.10 ± 0.89g/ 2 d; group III was 5,52 ± 1.53g/ 2 days. The research showed that aqueous extract of unripe papaya fruit has a better effect than negative control (p=0,002) and has an equivalent effect in improving weight gain and growth of mice babies given luteotropin.

Keywords: Papaya, milk production, mice growth.

Topic: Basic and Clinical Medical Sciences


Conference: Medical and Global Health Research Symposium (MORES 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Yuktiana Kharisma)

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