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Simple Automatic Weather Measuring Device
M. Najib Alyasyfi (a*) , Mochamad Irfan(b), Premana W. Premadi(b)

a)Physics Education Departement
Faculty of Mathematic and Natural Science
Indonesia University of Education
Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi no. 229 Bandung, 40154

b)Bosscha Observatory
Faculty of Mathematic and Natural Science
Bandung Institute of Technology
Jl. Peneropongan Bintang No.45, Lembang


An automatic device that can measure and record six weather parameters has been built at Bosscha Observatory. Those six parameters: wind direction and velocity, air temperature and humidity, precipitation, and rain gauge and time-keeper, are measured and recorded periodically to a Micro SD card. The device is powered by a battery which is recharged using a mini solar PV panel. In addition to requiring precision and accuracy as normally prioritized in measurement device, our design particularly considers the economic aspect and the transparency of the inner working of the device. For the educational and empowerment perspective, it is important that all the applied scientific principles are comprehensible. Our objective is that this automatic weather measuring device, which is much needed in various open air work areas, can be easily learned and built by young technicians all over Indonesia using simple and easily available materials. We had calibrated our device to a standard commercial one and tested it in a number of places in Lembang. We plan to test this device in other areas to know the device reliability and construction strength against various weather conditions.

Keywords: Weather Measurement, easily to made, reability, educational

Topic: Inovasi


Conference: Simposium Nasional Inovasi dan Pembelajaran Sains (SNIPS 2018)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Muhammad Najib Alyasyfi)

PDF (807 kB)

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