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Dietary Edamame Soybean Concentrate on Improving Carcass Quality of Broilers
Merry Muspita Dyah Utami (a), Rosa Tri Hertamawati (a*)

(a) Animal Science Department, Politeknik Negeri Jember, Jl. Mastrip PO Box 164 Jember 68121, Indonesia



The aim of this research conducted addition Edamame soybean concentrate on improving carcass quality of broiler. One hundred broilers divided into four treatments, such as T0 was control, T1 was 1 gram isoflavon concentrate /kg; T2 was 2 grams isoflavon concentrate/kg, and T3 is 3 isoflavon concentrate grams/kg. The statistical methods using completely randomized design, each treatment has five replications and each replication has five broilers. Addition edamame soybean concentrate from fourth week until sixth week. The parameters of research were feed intake, body weight, feed conversion, abdominal fat, the percentage of abdominal fat, meat fat, and the total cholesterol of meat. The results showed that addition edamame concentrate decreased percentage of meat fat, and the total of meat cholesterol significantly (P<0.05), but no significant effect to (P>0.05) feed intake, body weight, feed conversion, and abdominal fat. Dietary edamame concentrate from 3g/kg on ration improve carcass quality of broiler.

Keywords: Edamame, Soybean Concentrate, Carcass Quality, Broiler

Topic: Animal Nutrition, Animal Production, and Veterinary Science


Conference: The 2nd International Conference on Food and Agriculture (ICoFA 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Merry Muspita Dyah Utami)

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