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Cost Analysis And Business Income Of Sheep Feed Production (Case Study In CV, Gumukmas Multifarm Jember)
Y Suryana (a*), U Suryadi (b), Iswahyono (c), R Iskandar (d)

a) Agriculture Technology Departemen
State of Jember Polytechnic
Jalan Mastrip Po Box 164 Jember – Indonesia
b) Animal Husbandry Departemen
State of Jember Polytechnic
c) Agriculture Technology Departemen
State of Jember Polytechnic
d) Agrybisnis Manajemen Departemen
State of Jember Polytechnic
*Email: yanapolije62[at]


ABSTRACT To keep the feed availability on the export quota of sheep, the company of Gumukmas Multifarm wich is at Desa Purwoasri Kecamatan Gumukmas Kabupaten Jember, will be increasing the capacity of the sheep feed production from 1-2 tons per day to 5 tons per day. The sheep feed will be marketed 0.5 tons for himself, 1 ton for co-orporation, and the rest for farmers around Jember. To realized the planning, the company want to do cost analysis and business income to know how this project is feasible or no. To do that, Gumukmas Multifarm was buy 3 machine are diskmill, hammer mill and horizontal mixer. This study aims to determine income and business efficiency in the production of sheep feed. This research use descriptive and analytical methods. Collecting data in this study derived from primary data and secondary data. The results showed that the production of sheep feed profitable and efficient to be developed based on the analysis of income and the value of RC ratio. The income was IDR 630.140,- and RC-ratio was 1.23

Keywords: Sheep feed, income, RC-ratio

Topic: Animal Nutrition, Animal Production, and Veterinary Science


Conference: The 2nd International Conference on Food and Agriculture (ICoFA 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (YANA SURYANA)

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