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Agus Halimi (a)*, Arif Hakim (b), Ayi Sobarna (b)

Universitas Islam Bandung, Jl. Ranggagading No. 8 Bandung Indonesia


Social economics observer Alvin Toffler said when the economy was supported by the industrial and factory sectors, the order of family life began to feel the pressures of change. The impact felt by the people of Indonesia, most parents become workers, so the practice of the value of character education, politeness and respect for both parents has begun to be submitted to educational institutions. This transition has a real impact on the education of moral values in the family environment. Universitas Islam Bandung as one of the universities concerned with this issue through the Institute for Islamic Studies and Personality Development (LSIPK), responded through the student boarding program. The purpose of this research is to develop a model for developing religious awareness of students on the theme of respect to parents. The Research and Development Method is used as an approach in this research. The results of the study concluded that the level of knowledge and attitudes of students in the pesantren towards religious awareness in respecting parents was quite high. Learning is given comprehensively through a variety of products from our research including audio-visual media, textbooks on developing religious awareness and reinforced with in-depth discussions from tutors

Keywords: Education, Religious Consciousness, awarness, Character, Respect for Parents

Topic: Islamic Education


Conference: Social and Humaniora Research Symposium (SoRes 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Agus Halimi)

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