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The Effect of Transformational Leadership and Organizational Culture on Employee Creativity and Innovation at PT PJB UP Muara Tawar
Alfian Sulthoni*, Dr. Jimmy Sadeli, M.M.

Faculty of Bussines and Management, Universitas Indonesia
Gd. MMUI Jl. Salemba Raya 4 Jakarta 10430



The 21st century global market demands highly skilled workforce who are intellectually active, creative, innovative and capable of critical thinking. Therefore, this study examines the factors determining employee creative and innovative undertakings at work in power generation company with a focus on transformational leadership and organizational culture. The study adopted survey design and simple and moderated regression analyses to test three hypotheses. Data were collected from 158 (143 males and 15 females) randomly selected staff at PT PJB UP Muara Tawar aged between 25 and 50 years. Employees completed questionnaires consisting of validated scales of employee creativity and innovation, transformational leadership and organizational culture in the study. It was concluded that transformational leadership (t:7,768 & sig: 0,00) and appropriate organizational culture (t:3,635 & sig:0,00) are important factors in facilitating employee creativity and innovation at PT PJB UP Muara Tawar. It was recommended that companies can facilitate employee creativity and innovation by promoting and investing in transformational leadership training of their managerial staff as well as instituting enabling innovative organisational culture.

Keywords: Employee creativity, innovation, transformational leadership and organisational culture

Topic: Organizational Behavior, Leadership and Human Resources Management


Conference: The 4th Global Conference on Business, Management and Entrepreneurship (GCBME 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Alfian Sulthoni)

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