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Comparative study of marketing efficiency of seaweed Glacillaria Sp and Spinosum Sp
Megawati (a*), Didi Rukmana (a**), Hamzah (a***), Sitti Nurani (a****)

a) Agribusiness Study Program, Graduate School Hasanuddin University, Makassar,
90245, Indonesia


One of the centers of seaweed cultivation in South Sulawesi province is Sinjai regency. Based on the data on the export value approach and the production value of seaweed is known to have margin in the price of export seaweed in Indonesia and there is a price fluctuations at the farmer level. It is therefore assessed necessary to know its influence on seaweed marketing through a marketing analysis approach. The purpose of the study is to know the marketing efficiency of dried seaweed (Eucheuma Spinosum Sp and Glacillaria Sp) in Sinjai County. This study was conducted in Sinjai County, South Sulawesi Province during February to April 2019. The research respondent consisted of a farmer of respondents who amounted to 60 people and 6 marketing institutions. Withdrawal of respondents was done using the purposive sampling method. The analysis of the data on this research consists of a channel analysis approach and marketing institutes, analysis of marketing functions, and analysis of market behavior in a descriptive analysis. In addition, quantitative analysis was conducted through the value of margin marketing approach, farmers share and marketing efficiency analysis. The results of the margin analysis show that channel I has the smallest marketing margin value of Rp 5.500 for the type Glacillaria and Rp 4.200 for the type of Spinosum per kilogram of dried seaweed. The highest share analysis is 35.29% for Glacillaria and 54,34% of Spinosum. From these results shows that farms are more efficient than seaweed market in coastal areas, which is reflected in the marketing margin and farmer share.

Keywords: seaweed, efficiency marketing, marketing analysis

Topic: Agriculture system


Conference: The 2nd International Conference on Global Issue for Infrastructure, Environment, and Socio-Economic Development (GIESED 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Fadhilah Trya Wulandari)

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