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Full Name Ms. Fadhilah Trya Wulandari
Institution Graduate School of Hasanuddin
Research Gender, Environment and Development
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Conference The 2nd International Conference on Global Issue for Infrastructure, Environment, and Socio-Economic Development (GIESED 2019)


Changes in Land Use And Suitability of Spatial Planning on Paddy Field in Gorontalo Regency

Comparative study of marketing efficiency of seaweed Glacillaria Sp and Spinosum Sp

Development Strategy of Apparatuses Performance in the Management of Conservation Area of South Sulawesi Natural Resource Conservation Center

Diversified Developer of Local Food Products Based on Sago in the Sub-District of Wara, Palopo City

Environmental Carrying Capacity of Land Aspect in the Use of Space in Kotamobagu City of North Sulawesi Province

Healthy Archypelagos Program and Youth in Rongkong Sub-District of North Luwu District

Metal Hg, Pb And Cu Distribution In Sediment at Beaches Katoi, and Lasusua North Kolaka Regency

Political Party Policies In Recruiting Of Womens Legislative Members of 2014 Election in Bantaeng Regency

Potential and Strategy for the Development of Cocoa Processing Industry in South Sulawesi Province

Remediation of Mine Acid Water Using Mangrove Sediment

Strategy for Developing a Cultural Tourism Area in Soppeng Regency

The Comparative of the Application of Combine Harvester with Traditional Harvest at Lsano Mbiasvillage Tanah Miring Sub District Merauke Regency

The Development of Kacang Goat Based on the Feed of Metroxylon Sago Pulp

The Effect of Traffic Volume on Noise of Housing and Shopping Area of Manggala District

The Effectiveness of Rice Field Expansion Program in Increasing Paddy Product in Tanah Miring Sub District Merauke Regency

The Impact of the Army-s Assignment Abroad toward the Family of the Persit

The Planning of Median Road Park Arrangement to Support Citys Green Space (Rthk) Town Brawijaya Merauke

The Role of Youth in Development Potentials Village of Pitue Through Management of Mattuju Bumdes in Marang Pangkajene and Achipelago Regency

The Slaughter Control on the Productive Cows on Animal Health Division in Food Security, Animal Husbandry, and Animal Health Service in Merauke Regency

The Strategies of the Use of Regional Infrastructure to Increase the Activities in Untia Nusantara Fish Port of Untia Biringkanaya Subdistrict Makassar City

The Utility of Cocoa Pods Husk M45 (Theobroma Cocoa) as the Adsorbent Heavy Metal of Iron (Fe) And Copper (Cu) in the Laboratory Waste Water

Tourism and the Young Labor Absorption at the Tanjung Bira District, Bulukumba Regency

Utilization of Economic Fertilizer and Ketapang Leaf Extracts to Reduce Phosphate Levels in Domestic Waste

Utilization of Flyash Waste Power Plant Bosowa Energy Jeneponto South Sulawesi as Concrete Mixed Material

Utilization of Probiotic Bacteria as an Effort to Handle Liquid Waste from the Palm Oil Processing Industry

Village Development in the Millennial Era: Youth Empowerment in Bana Kecamatan Bonto Cani District, Bone District

Youth Participation in the Desa Siaga Program in Tapango District Polewali Mandar West Sulawesi Province.

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