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Ani Yuningsih & Maman Suherman

Faculty of Communication, Universitas Islam Bandung


Health literacy of urban communities in Indonesia is generally still relatively low. Stunting problems, high maternal mortality rates, tuberculosis, non-communicable diseases, and complete basic immunization coverage, are strategic issues that are a priority for health development, because they are considered still dangerous. The five health problems in the community occurred due to the low health literacy. Social awareness, understanding, and prevention of health problems, can be done by promoting health and counseling and empowering public health. Especially for urban communities in developing countries including Indonesia, health promotion and education can be done through creative publicity. The research method for elaborating and assessing problems is a correlational method for discovering the effectiveness of publicity utilization by hospitals on public health literacy. Creative utilization of various types of communication media and creative content packaging is needed in health publicity. Publicity as a part of health promotion, is one of the performance of all hospitals in West Java, and is part of the performance of the Office of Health in Indonesia. The results shows that the publicity has a significant effect in building the health literacy of urban communities, but not for people on the coast and mountains. The media used for publicity is not optimal, and the content is not yet creative. Coverage and publicity collaboration with the media is also still not a priority program of the hospital. The strategic model for the creative use of publicity was found as a result of research and recommendations for communication media users in health sector.

Keywords: health promotion, publicity, health literacy

Topic: Communication


Conference: Social and Humaniora Research Symposium (SoRes 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Ani Yuningsih)

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