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The influence of perceived value to purchase intention: Evidence from Moslem Fashion Indonesia
Adryan Rachman, Siti Sarah, Nunik Maulid

Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Indonesia Membangun (STIE INABA), Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia


Fierce Competition forces company to pay attention to Consumer Perceived Value (CPV). Consumer Perceived Value is a key to compete with other business competitors. This research aims at proposing an integrating model by combining variables based on the previous research and test them with empirical data. This research employs descriptive and verification method. The empirical data were collected through questionnaire that administered to moslem fashion users. This study uses Confirmatory Factor Analysis as analytical tool in data processing. Moreover, in this study, the CPV determinant variables of previous studies is combined with innovation value on the model and then we name it “Integrated Model of CPV”. This study discovers that the integrated model of CPV consists of price value, social value, emotional value, quality value, perceived risk value, aesthetic value, and innovation value.

Keywords: Consumer Preceived Value (CPV), Preceived Risk Value, Aesthetic Value, Innovation Value and Purchase Intention

Topic: Marketing Management


Conference: The 4th Global Conference on Business, Management and Entrepreneurship (GCBME 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Adryan Rachman)

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