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Designing Textbooks on Mathematical Literacy: With Innovative Approaches, Character, BANTEN local culture
Hepsi Nindiasari1), Abdul Fatah2), Novaliyosi3), Putri Chintiya4) ,Nunun5)

1),2) Mathematic Education Postgraduate Department, University of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa, Banten Indonesia
3)4)5)Mathematic Education Department, University of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa, Banten Indonesia


This study aims to produce teaching books to develop mathematical literacy skills with innovative approaches that are characterized and based on local culture. The creation of this media is because mathematical literacy skills are very important to train students in developing high-level thinking abilities. The innovative approach that is applied is the metacognitive scaffolding approach and the contextual approach. Both of these approaches were chosen because they support the 2013 curriculum. The research method uses development research which includes: Potential problems, data collection, product design, design validation, design revision, product testing. The results of this study have produced books for mathematical literacy abilities which contain literacy skills and examples with the metacognitive Scaffolding approach and contextual approaches. Characters are included in the book to train independence, perseverance, and accuracy while the local culture that is adopted is the culture of Banten. From the results of the experts test it was decided that this teaching material should be used for reference.

Keywords: Mathematical Literacy, Innovative, Culture, Banten

Topic: What are the topics?


Conference: The 2nd Conference on Issues in Social and Education Research (ICISER 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Hepsi Nindiasari)

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