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Adopting Supply Chain Management Model to Measure Fishermen Cooperative Performance
Akhmad Yunani; Ery Supriadi

Indonesia Institute of Cooperatives Management


A uniqueness of co-operative enterprise is distinguished principles; user-owner, user-controlled, and user-benefited. In terms of supply chain, this uniqueness should have impact on the business performance as there is almost no asymmetric information among the entities in the supply chain system. This study aims to assess the implementation of the supply chain and propose a supply chain management model in fishermen co-operative (the co-op). Based on data collected mainly by observation, interview, and FGD with board of the co-op, it is revealed that it has no clear pattern of supply chain management as well as performance measurement. The co-op is no more than a little auction organizer in fish trading. There are two groups of actor in co-op supply chain system; in-system entities and outer-layer entities. In the model, the co-op acts as the core of the system while the members represent both the supplier and customer. As supplier, members provide fish, while as customer, members need the fishing tools, ice, fuel, daily needs, and other necessities. A set of scenarios is discussed to measure the performance of the co-op using the supply chain management. Further research needs to be conducted to assess the implementation of the model.

Keywords: fishermen co-operative, performance, supply chain management

Topic: Economics


Conference: 1st Borobudur International Symposium (BIS 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Akhmad Yunani)

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