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Strengthening the role of parents and community to support children literacy
Adhimas Wahyu Agung Wijaya (a), Fenny Samosir (b), Santo Petrus (c), Saskia Rosita Indasari (d)

(a-d)Wahana Visi Indonesia


This study aims to explore the role of parents and community to strengthen children literacy. This study using participatory action research (PAR). Data collection are using interview, observation and documentation. This study conducted in Landak and Manggarai Barat, part of Wahana Visi Indonesia area program. The interview is conducted to tutors, parents, and village officer. The result of the study describe that the role of parents assists children literacy through assisting children creating reading corner and by interaction with children after storytelling or reading a book. The support of community, including the availability of reading camp can increase parents- awareness of children literacy. The inhibiting factors of strengthening support children literacy is when parents do not have enough time to support the children and parents have a low literacy competency to assist children. It seems that, when children have access to early childhood education, it may affect parent-s self-efficacy towards their children literacy. Interestingly, parents also have a more positive behavior to be more patient as they know children development stages during assisting children literacy.

Keywords: literacy, parenting, parents, community, children literacy

Topic: Early Childhood Education and Parenting in Preparing School Readiness


Conference: International Conference on Early Childhood Education and Parenting (ECEP 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Adhimas Wahyu Agung Wijaya)

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