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Comparison of Giving Red Rice (Oryza Nivara) and Corn Rice (Zea Mays L.) Against Changes in Blood Glucose Level Values in Mice (Mus Musculus L.)
Sunardi, S.Kep.,Ns. M.Kep1 , Lelli Widiawati2, Anis Ika N, S.Kep., Ns., M.Kep.Sp.MB3,

University of Muhammadiyah Malang


Introduction: Blood glucose is a sugar found in the blood, formed from carbohydrates in the food and stored as glycogen in the liver and skeletal muscles. Red cooked rice is red plant rice which is cooked first. Red rice also has a fairly low carbohydrate content and also has a high fiber content. Corn rice is one of the typical dishes from Indonesia which is usually made from corn as its basic ingredient. Corn rice also has a fairly low carbohydrate content so that both rice can be food ingredients that can control the value of blood glucose. Research Methods: Using a true-experimental layout, randomization is carried out in this layout which means grouping parts of the intervention group is based on randoming. Then the pretest (O1) in both groups, and followed by intervention (X) in the treatment group. After some time posttest (O2) was carried out in both groups. The sample selection uses simple random sampling by giving red rice and corn rice for about 4 grams / day / mice to both groups. Statistical analysis of the decrease in blood glucose value in this research used the Independent T-test with a significant p <0.05. Results: The results of the statistical test analysis showed that group A which was given red rice and group B was given corn rice there was no significant difference with the significance value of the SPSS 16.0 statistical test (p = 0.978) Conclusion: There are no significant differences in group A (red rice) and group B (corn rice) findings.

Keywords: Red Rice, Corn Rice, Blood Glucose, Mice

Topic: Basic Health Science


Conference: The 2nd Health Science International Conference (HSIC 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Sunardi Nardi Nardi)

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