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Mochamad Soelton, Tati Nugrahati, Noermijati Noermijati, Rajaab Ritonga

Universitas Prof. Dr. Moestopo (Beragama


Adolescence is a time of rapid changes in the process of physical, cognitive and psychosocial or behavioral and hormonal growth. At the age of adolescence, namely the age range of 15 to 18 years adolescents will experience the first puberty, even some children experience puberty more quickly, which is around 10-13 years. In puberty, there is a strong urge that comes from within the individual to know something that he had never known. Circumstances like this that encourage adolescents in this case to try new things in life, including free sex (free sex). Sexual activity via mobile phones has now mushroomed in the community. Do not know the beginning of when it began, but certainly there are many who know if sex can be done via cellular phone. The activity of having sex through a cellular phone is called phone sex. Telephone sex (Phone Sex) is a type of virtual sex that refers more to explicit sexual conversations that occur between two or more people over the telephone especially when one participant or sex partner masturbates or performs sexual fantasies. Phone Sex (PS) is a sexual activity carried out by listening on a cellular phone. Providing sex education for children is the responsibility of all parties: parents, teachers, the community and the government. It becomes a preventive measure that can be applied early, by providing sex education for their children, especially in Early Childhood Education

Keywords: Cellular Phone, Early Childhood, Phone Sex, Parents, Sex Education

Topic: Gender Quality and Family Planning


Conference: International Conference on Community Development (ICCD 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Rajab Ritonga)

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