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Analysis of Fibrous Drink Production Formulation Analog Coffee Pulp
Rizal1), Tanti Kustiari2), Anna Mardiana3)

Politeknik Negeri Jember


ABSTRACT Analog pulps beverage made from coffee is an innovative creative product developing potential coffee commodity in the city of Jember. PKM aims to foster the potential of youth entrepreneurs among students pursuing the creative economy business. Learn entrepreneurship in producing innovative and creative products, promoting new products, educating markets and learning to expand the market for creative products. It is hoped that students will gain entrepreneurial knowledge and skills which will one day be useful to help themselves open up employment opportunities and provide employment to the wider community. The priority of solving the problem are: (1) training on the production of pulverized pulps made from coffee. (2) procurement of analog coffee pulps making equipment. (3) training on design of analog grain pulp product packaging with coffee made from coffee, (4) training and education on marketing communication, (5) management assistance. These activities are in an effort to increase business capacity through product diversification so as to increase revenue from boarding schools and increase economic independence. The implementation phase of this activity is to conduct coordination and outreach to BUMP Sunan Ampel. The next step will be taken together to adjust the implementation team schedule with the activities of the student routine. Also discussed is the readiness to accept tools and allow adaptation of tool designs to suit the boarding school. Material preparation stage and location for business management training and education. The implementation team facilitates the making of brands that are attractive and easy for consumers to remember. The preparation phase determines the material for making social media to market new products, making packaging designs, determining packaging sizes. PKM activities are carried out in a participatory manner. BUMP members are involved and given roles for the smooth implementation of the program. The participation and activeness of youthpreneur students in the implementation of education, training in the adoption of coffee-based analog pulp technology can be achieved. Partners are also expected to be able to continuously produce analog grain pulverized beverages made from coffee that has been provided by the PKM team. The production of analog grains even though it refers to the results of research by PKM team members The composition is known to be the best results based on the results of the research, but it is necessary to adapt the coffee material as a basis for forming analog grain with a grain production equipment system that has just been ordered. The results of the trial of the production of analog coffee beans produced the best composition. The best composition results are the best results from 20 experiments in the Jember Polytechnic Food Processing laboratory involving students of Food Technology D4. The best treatment results obtained composition of algin

Keywords: Coffee, Fibrous drinks, Alginates, CaCl2

Topic: Agroindustry and Agribusiness


Conference: The 2nd International Conference on Food and Agriculture (ICoFA 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Rizal Rizal)

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