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Entrepreneurial Environment in Growing Entrepreneurial Motivation
Dr.Hj.B Lena Nuryanti S.,M.Pd , Drs.H Dian Herdiana Utama.,M.Si , Rieke Amaluthvie Tammie, S.Pd

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia


This study aims to determine the effect of entrepreneurial environment to entrepreneurial motivation. This research uses descriptive approach with explanatory survey method. The student analysis unit is 167 people . Data collection using questionnaire. The analysis technique used is verifikatif technique by using frequency distribution. The result showed that entrepreneurial environment enough effected on entrepreneurial motivation. The differences in this study located on an object research, time research, a measuring instrument , literature that used , the theory that is used and the results of the study

Keywords: entrepreneurial envriontmen; entrepreneurial motivation

Topic: Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship and Contemporary Issues


Conference: The 4th Global Conference on Business, Management and Entrepreneurship (GCBME 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Lena Nuryanti Sastradinata)

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