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Knowledge-Based Resources Model For Development Of Indigenous Chicken Farms In Rural Areas
Palmarudi Mappigau, Veronica Sri Lestari, Jusni

Hasanuddin University


The background of this study is the fact that indigenous chicken farms are managed and owned by rural smallholder farmers have not yet developed so that their role in poverty alleviation is also not optimal. One solution to develop it is to increase knowledge of the smallholder farmers. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to find out knowledge-based resources model for the development of indigenous chicken farms in rural areas. The research used a quantitative research approach with survey research methods. The research location Sidrap and Bone regencies, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. The data collected through direct observation and structured interviews to 96 indigenous chicken farmers. The data includes development of indigenous chicken farms, knowledge of technology poultry production practices and business entrepreneurship. Then, the data analyzed by descriptive statistical and Spearmans Rank correlation The results of the descriptive statistical analysis showed that the knowledge of farmer respondents in technology poultry production practices and business entrepreneurship were categorized as inadequate. Spearman s Rank correlation analysis results show that in the technology poultry production practices, knowledge of feed, and control and prevention of disease have a positive and significant relationship with the development of indigenous chicken farms. In business entrepreneurial knowledge, knowledge of results oriented and the opportunity seeking and grasping have a positive and significant relationship with the development of indigenous chicken farms.

Keywords: Knowledge, technology production practices, business entrepreneurship, indigenous chicken, farms development

Topic: Socio-economic of animal science


Conference: The 2nd Iternational Conference of Animal Science and Technology (ICAST 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Palmarudi Mappigau)

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