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Chico Hermanu Brillianto Apribowo, Agustinus Sujono, Hari Maghfiroh, Ratih Rachmatika

Department of Electrical Engineering
Universitas Sebelas Maret
Surakarta, Indonesia

National Center for Sustainable Transportation Technology
Bandung, Indonesia


The general problem of operational power transformer was appearing in both thermal and electrical failure. Most of the power transformer usually used insulator oil that was functioning as cooler and to dissolve its hazardous gas in order not to circulate independently. Identifying type and number of gas concentration, which was dissolved in oil could provide information about the indication of failure that occurs in the transformer. Method for identifying and analyzing dissolved gas in the oil was called dissolved gas analysis (dga). Procedure for oil sampling of testing dga with a method of morgan schaffer was using syringe. In the use of syringe, after taking oil sample into syringe and then syringe was extracted to separate components of dissolved gas. Utilizing syringe in the process of extraction was not maximal since it had to be manually done the process of extraction for each syringe. In this research, it was done in making automatic syringe shaker, which could do an extraction of transformer oil to extract dissolved gas in the transformer oil automatically. This research would also determine the time and speed variable to obtain optimizing syringe shaker. This instrument used a dc motor as a driving source. Based on data, which was obtained, the percentage of extraction level that was obtained with using automatic syringe shaker transformer oil was smaller compared with the manual process and it had an error level of 0.124%. The timer test result of the length of extraction time showed that an error percentage of approximately 0.004%.

Keywords: dissolved gas analysis, syringe shaker, transformer oil

Topic: Power Electronics and Its Applications


Conference: The 6th International Conference on Electric Vehicular Technology (ICEVT 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Chico Hermanu Brillianto Apribowo)

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