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The Effectiveness of Geogebra-Assisted Direct Instruction Learning in Improving Students- Mathematical Communication Skill Viewed from Academic Level
Zetriuslita (a), Nofriyandi (a), Endang Istikomah (a)

Universitas Islam Riau


The aim of this study was to identify and analyze the effectiveness of utilizing Geogebra in improving students- mathematical communication skill viewed from academic level. This study is a mixed method research which combines both quantitative and qualitative methods with sequential explanatory strategy. The population was the second semester students of Mathematics Education and used purposive sampling technique. The result of this study showed that there was effectiveness of using Geogebra in improving students- mathematical communication skill viewed from their academic level. The students felt that their skill improved and developed through Geogebra-assisted Directed Instruction learning.

Keywords: Direct learning, Geogebra, mathematical communication, academic level

Topic: Mathematics Education


Conference: International Seminar on Applied Mathematics and Mathematics Education (ISAMME 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Zetriuslita Zetriuslita)

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