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The spatial concept as a brand identity: A research of three coffee shops in Java
Annisa Luthfia Larasati, Adi Zakaria Afiff

Master of Management, University of Indonesia


Brand identity as an intangible existence has a robust perception in the mind of customer, in this case is the F&B industry. The physical evidence of servicescape plays a major role in delivering their brand by creating a concept that lies within. The way of concept has a very close relationship with space in architecture. The way of space is built by concept with its elements; it creates their identity through spatial concept as well as marketing telling stories through experience. This paper-s purpose is to examine experience through experiential marketing in servicescape of three well-design cafes by renowned architects in Java, Indonesia. The components of the research are experiencing process of customer towards experiental value that leads to customer satisfaction. The methodology consists of in-depth interviews with all of the object-s architects and owners to match the brand identity and their spatial concept that will be the basis of twelve hypotheses of customer experience. Furthermore, marketing will not be enough to tell only by customer orientation, but also the sense of space that creates an intertwined story inside.

Keywords: Brand Identity, Spatial Concept, Servicescape, experiental marketing, customer satisfaction

Topic: Marketing


Conference: The 3rd International Seminar of Contemporary Research on Business and Management (ISCRBM 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Annisa Luthfia Larasati)

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