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Santri Health Cadre as Innovation Towards Healthy Religious Boarding Schools (Pesantren)
Yani Triyani1, Irfan Safrudin2, Wida Purbaningsih1, Titik Respati1

1. Faculty of Medicine UNISBA
2. Faculty of Dakwah UNISBA


The incidence of scabies is related to poor hygiene and healthy living behavior (PHBS), which is caused by various factors including the absence of a teaching material module for PHBS, and health facilities in pesantren. The purpose of this program is providing solutions to health problems in the pesantren. The approach method that has been done in Phase I: the making of the PHBS teaching materials module that socialized in Phase II whiwch as the formation of a tutorial group of students. Stage III: Santri Training Practices as Health Cadres, Stage IV: Establishment of Pesantren Health Posts, Stage V: Making Santri Medical Record Books and Stage VI: Cadre Assistance in implementing PHBS in collaboration with FK Unisba alumni. The results of this PKM produce students as health cadres who are expected to be the pioneers and role models of PHBS in pesantren with the PHBS module guidelines made by the PKM team. The establishment of pesantren health posts as a means for students to maintain health and get first aid in minor ailments besides scabies and pediculosis. The presence of assistance by doctors on duty once a week as a result of the collaboration of FK Unisba alumni makes excellent hopes to make pesantren healthy, not only free from scabies and pediculosis

Keywords: Santri Health Cadre, Pesantren, pediculosis, Scabies

Topic: Islamic approach in Medical and Health Sciences


Conference: Medical and Global Health Research Symposium (MORES 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Yani Triyani)

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