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Optimizing productivity of fat-tail sheep using single cell protein in concentrate
Poespitasari Hazanah Ndaru, Hermanto, Kusmartono dan Asri Nurul Huda

University of Brawijaya


In livestock industries, single-cell protein has many applications in ruminant or poultry feed. Commonly, Application single-cell protein in ruminant feed has a purpose to fattening, which one of parameter to measure is average daily gain (ADG). The name of single-cell protein in this research is ajitein. In this research, ajitein was mixed with other feedstuffs (soybean meal, pollard, coconut cake, corn bran, palm cake, molasses, urea, and minerals) and the crude protein in this concentrate was isoprotein ( 22%). The treatments in this research consist of P0: elephant grass (ad libitum) with concentrate ; P1 : elephant grass (ad libitum) with concentrate (ajitein 2%); P2 : elephant grass (ad libitum) with concentrate (ajitein 4%); P3 : elephant grass (ad libitum) with concentrate (ajitein 6%). The highest feed intake in this research is P0 (104.9 ± 12.90 g / kg BB0.75 / day). Then the higher body weight gains are P0 and P3, with 140 g/head/day respectively. Furthermore, P3 has the ability to digest and use the feed more optimal than other treatments. The parameter to measure this ability is feed conversion value. The feed conversion of P3 was 6.6 ± 0.87. The conclusion is P3 has good ability to change the feed to be meat more effective

Keywords: single-cell protein, feed consumption, body weight gain, feed convertion

Topic: Animal Nutrition, Animal Production, and Veterinary Science


Conference: The 2nd International Conference on Food and Agriculture (ICoFA 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Poespitasari Hazanah Ndaru)

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