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Psychoeducation, can it reduce the stigma against depression among teenagers?
Eka Nurhayati, Titik Respati, Fajar Awalia Yulianto, Budiman, Yudi Feriandi

Medical Faculty of Unisba


Depression is one of mental disorders that can affect teenagers. Negative stigma against depression may cause patients not to have appropriate professional treatment, thus the patient might get worse even can ended up with suicide. Psycoeducation is one of many ways that used by professional health care to reduce stigma against depression especially among teenagers. This study was accomplished to measure the effectivity of psycoeducation by comparing the level of stigma against depression pre and post psychoeducation among teenagers. This was an analytic, cross sectional research. Study focused on 37 teenagers who was given psychoeducation by psychology professional. The tool that was used to measure stigma was Depression Stigma Scale (DSS). It has two 9-items sub scale assumed to measure personal stigma and perceived stigma. The DSS was given before and after the psychoeducation. Results obtained from unpaired t test showed two tailed p value 0,90 (95% CI -1.63 to 1.43) for personal stigma and 0,35 (95% CI -1.09 to 3.05) for perceived stigma. Conclusion of this research was that psychoeducation cannot reduce the level of stigma against depression among teenagers.

Keywords: Psychoeducation, stigma, depression, teenagers

Topic: Public Health and Occupational Health


Conference: Medical and Global Health Research Symposium (MORES 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Eka Nurhayati)

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