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Display Product Training to Enhance Tourism Village Attraction at Dusun Wangun- Bandung
Yunida Sofiana , Titi Indahyani, Religiana Hendarti

Universitas Bina Nusantara


In the area of dusun Wangun, has a lot of tourism potential that can be made for an attractive tourist destination, such as tours to Mount Puntang, pine forest tours and their environmental attractiveness. To promote the existing tourism potential, the PKK communities in Dusun Wangun have made souvenir products inspired by their regions natural products (coffee, sorghum, etc.). The Souvenir products that they have made are projected to help promote regional tourism as well as increase community income in their area. To help promote these souvenirs products, it is necessary to have promotional tools that also can be used as promotional tools to enhance tourism village attraction. Promotion tools includes a place to display souvenir products that they have made. The methodology of this research uses literature review data on the form of media promotion and product display, field surveys and interviews, training, prototyping and design implementation. The result of this training was an increase in the knowledge of the community specifically youth groups in the Dusun Wangun, to display their product and their manufacture to support tourism promotion in their area.

Keywords: Keyword; Dusun Wangun, rural empowerment, tourism village, souvenir products, display product

Topic: CSR and Empowerment


Conference: International Conference on Community Development (ICCD 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Yunida Sofiana)

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