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I Wayan Runa, Anak Agung Gede Raka, dan I Nyoman Warnata

Fakultas Teknik Universitas Warmadewa Denpasar Bali


The long-term goal of national strategic research on revitalization of patterns and forms of traditional houses, is to preserve rural residential architecture, with a case study of Jatiluwih Tabanan Village - Bali as a tourist village. This research is expected to solve problems that are relevant to the needs of rural communities in the long term, namely the problem of preserving residential architecture, especially houses, because rural settlements continue to grow in line with the times (culture and technology). The method that will be used in achieving goals is a qualitative method that is very closely related to unique (unique) contextual factors, so that each context is handled in terms of its own context. This research has a lot to do with value systems, concepts, perceptions, diversity, uniqueness, local wisdom and peoples beliefs about something outside themselves. In addition, the research carried out also has a lot to do with transcendental matters or multiple realities that are felt and strongly trusted by the local community, but its existence is difficult to explain. In accordance with the characteristics of the study object (research problem), the paradigm used in this study is phenomenology. In this study, the research unit / observation area was in the form of a whole home setting. The scale research unit of houses in Jatiluwih Village is expected to produce identification or information on values / ideas / ideas about the local wisdom of traditional houses. These values are expected to be developed for the preservation model of residential houses that have the influence of modernization or become tourist attraction objects. "Variables" observed at the village scale are patterns and forms of traditional houses. When researching houses located in the garden, the "variables" observed are continuous parts (core) and changing parts that are related to the socio-cultural and physical activities of the house. In Year 1 this research is expected to produce mandatory outcomes in the form of Publications on Methods or Methods of Preservation of residential architecture that raise local wisdom values, in International Journals After the research is completed, the results of the research will be presented in a national forum. Furthermore, in Year 2 it is expected to produce Publications on Prototypes, policies, how to implement (manual) settlement preservation, and additional output in the form of Textbooks. The benefits of research for stakeholders are as a guideline in revitalizing the patterns and forms of houses as tourist accommodation in line with the establishment of Jatiluwih Village as a tourism village. National strategic research in Jatiluwih Village can be said to be successful if it meets the achievement indicators, namely: the concept of housing development that elevates the values of local wisdom, design and Budget Plan (RAB), maket (prototypes), preservation manuals, and in the community that preserva

Keywords: Revitalization, Achitecture

Topic: Penataan Kawasan DAS


Conference: Seminar Nasional (Pengelolaan Sumber Daya Air dan Pengembangan Kawasan Berbasis Ekowisata Menuju Bali Era Baru) (SEMNAS 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Putu GD Wirianta)

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