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Mapping of Carbon Footprint at Diponegoro University: Academic Activities
Syafrudin, Badrus Zaman, Alfian Rizky Rizaldianto, Mochamad Arief Budihardjo

Department of Environmental Engineering
Diponegoro University


To support the academic activities at Diponegoro University, water is extracted from groundwater by submersible pump. Due to the utilization of the pumps, it requires electricity that increases the consumption of energy. The use of energy at the same time will also raise the amount of CO2 emission produced. The emission is produced from the outcome of the power plants fuel combustion. Moreover, the excessive underground water withdrawal will lead to the decreasing of the land surface. The amount of emission produced during one year is analyzed in a form of carbon footprint with the units of weight of carbon dioxide(kgCO2eq). This research conducted at the Diponegoro University main campus which located at Tembalang, Semarang. The method used was based on IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories 2006 and Ministry of Environment 2012 about the Implementation of National Greenhouse Gas Inventories Guidelines. While the analysis of carbon footprint mapping used ArcGIS software. This research showed that the estimated amount of carbon footprint from the clean water sector is 77.623,6733 kgCO2eq/year. Carbon footprint mapping presented three level classifications of carbon footprint, those are lower, middle, and upper which are represented of green, yellow, and red colors. The efforts to reduce carbon footprint produced from the clean water are using a sensor faucet which can reduce carbon footprint by 69,96 %, toilet dual flush, and doing a regular checking of the faucet, urinoir, toilet, the need Standard Operating Procedure, water saving socializations, green open space and use of the central reservoir which can reduce carbon footprint by 16,83%.

Keywords: Academic activities, Electricity, Carbon Footprint

Topic: Energy Conservation and Efficiency


Conference: The 1st International Conference on Environment, Sustainability Issues and Community Development (INCRID 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Syafrudin Syafrudin)

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