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Ameliorative Effect of Ethanol Extract Sea Cucumber (Holothuria Edulis spp) on Alloxan Induced Rat
Yuke Andriane, R. Anita Indriyanti, Ratna Damailia, Uci Ary Lantika

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Oxidative stress is a common causes of organ damage, including liver injury. The purpose of this study was to observe the hepatoprotective effect of sea cucumber (holothurian edulis spp) on alloxan-induced rats. This is an experimental study using Wistar strain rats. The rats were randomly divided into six groups, each contain 6 rats (Control group, Alloxan group, Glibenclamide group, Extract ethanol of sea cucumber groups divided into three doses: 100 mg/ 200gBW/day, 200 mg/200 gBW/day, and 400 mg/200 gBW/day). After the rats were induced by alloxan then intervened with ethanol extract of sea cucumber and glibenclamide for 12 days. In the end of study, rats were sacrificed and liver histopathological were determined. The result revealed that there was sinusoid dilatation and congestion, central veins were not intact, the portal veins and the bile ducts in the portal area were dilated, and histiocyte appearance on cellular architecture from alloxan group. However, in the ethanol extract of sea cucumber group sinusoid showed begin to be narrowing and central venous was intact especially in 200 mg/200 gBW/day dose group. This study showed that ethanol extract of sea cucumber has possibility as hepatoprotective agent might be due to reduction of oxidative damage by decreased free radical generation. Keywords: alloxan; liver injury; Oxidative Stress; sea cucumber

Keywords: alloxan, histopathology, liver, and sea cucumber

Topic: Basic and Clinical Medical Sciences


Conference: Medical and Global Health Research Symposium (MORES 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Yuke Andriane)

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