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The Quality of Milk Candy Using Rosella Powder (Hibiscus sabdariffa l.) Addition as Natural Food Coloring
Ekie Maulana Al Buruuj, Herly Evanuarini*

Animal Product Technology Department, Faculty of Animal Science, Brawijaya University, Jl. Veteran, Malang 65145
email: herlyfptub[at]


ABSTRACT Rosella have anthocyanins can act as natural color on milk candy production. The purpose of this research was to determine the best percentage of rosella powder addition on antioxidant activity, color and yield of milk candy. The material research were used fresh milk, sugar, and rosella powder. The method was used laboratory experimental using a Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with 4 treatments and 4 replications. The treatments were P0 (without rosella powder addition), P1 (1%), P2 (3%) and P3 (5%) addition rosella powder on milk candy production. The data were analyzed by Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and continued by Duncan-s Multiple Range Test. The result showed that the addition of rosella powder gave highly significant different effect (P<0.01) on antioxidant activity, lightness, redness, yellowness and yield of milk candy. The antioxidant activity of candy milk 8.58 - 10.28, lightness (L) 48.33 – 52.53 , redness (a*) 15.00 – 19.10, yellowness (b*) 16.80 – 20.00, and the yield 77% - 80.74%. It could be concluded that addition of rosella powder 5% on milk candy gave the best treatment.

Keywords: Milk candy, Rosella, Antioxidant, Natural Food Coloring

Topic: Animal production Technology


Conference: The 2nd Iternational Conference of Animal Science and Technology (ICAST 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Herly Evanuarini)

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