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Customer Engagement Experiences on Freemium Business Model
Muhammad Rezky Rahmansyah

Universitas Indonesia


In recent years, software application providers have developed business models by increasing large user databases, having planned marketing, offering added value to users, and increasing the type of service. The business model is called freemium. This business model allows users to access software applications for free and allow users if they want to improve services on those software applications. Therefore, freemium is the best strategy in bridging the value of software applications and user experience while they trying out. Although many users are satisfied, many companies failed to implement this business model because many users do not want to pay more for a software application. On the other hand, user satisfaction does not always influence on user loyalty under certain circumstances. User engagement with products has also become important in the digital world. In fact, user engagement can encourage long-term relationships between companies and users. The study develops a research model based on customer engagement experiences framework including intrinsic enjoyment, utilitarian value, temporal experience, and social facilitation. The originality of this study is moderating role of customer engagement experiences in the satisfaction – loyalty relationship at freemium software application

Keywords: Freemium, Customer Engagement Experiences, Software Applications, Satisfaction, Loyalty

Topic: Marketing


Conference: The 3rd International Seminar of Contemporary Research on Business and Management (ISCRBM 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Muhammad Rezky Rahmansyah)

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