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Margin Analysis and Marketing Efficiency of Seaweed Agribusiness in Marang District, Pangkep Regency
Aziza Noor Sheha Arfah(a*),Sitti Bulkis (b),Adri Arief (b)

Postgraduate School, Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia (90245) Indonesia


Problems in the development of seaweed occur in the marketing aspects of institutional aspects, marketing networks, and communication gaps between producers and users. The highly volatile price conditions cause uncertainty of income obtained by farmers and marketing institutions involved. This study aims to determine the shape of seaweed marketing channels. This research uses descriptive qualitative analysis. The technique used in data collection is through observation, interviews, and questionnaires with informants totaling 115 respondents. Based on the results of descriptive qualitative analysis shows that the marketing of seaweed in Marang Subdistrict is divided into two marketing channels which are divided into one level marketing channels (farmers - collectors traders - factories) and second level marketing channels (farmers - middlemen - collectors traders - middlemen - factories ).To improve the marketing of seaweed, the role of the government is needed as a way to increase the production of seaweed (Eucheuma cottonii sp.) And the quality of seaweed (Eucheuma cottonii sp.) Which in turn will increase the income of seaweed farming (Eucheuma cottonii sp.) Which obtained by farmers.

Keywords: Marketing Channels, Seaweed.

Topic: Extension of agriculture


Conference: The 2nd Iternational Conference of Animal Science and Technology (ICAST 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (AZIZA NOOR SHEHA ARFAH)

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