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Understanding CRM implementation in SMEs
Vanessa Gaffar (a*), Arief Budiman (b), Benny Tjahjono (c)

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Coventry University

a) Management Study Program, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi No. 229, Bandung 40154, Indonesia
b) Entrepreneurship Study Program, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Jl. Dadaha Nomor 18 Kota Tasikmalaya, Tawang Kota Tasikmalaya 46115, Indonesia
c) Centre for Business in Society, Coventry University
Jaguar Building, Gosford St, Coventry, CV1 5DL, United Kingdom


This study aimed to analyze the implementation of Customer Relationship Management in Small Medium Enterprises in West Java Province, Indonesia. This research is a qualitative research using in-depth interview to collect data. There were 5 small enterprises participating in this study. All of them came from different fields of business, namely fashion, travel, food, sneakers and photography. Interview guidelines was set up consisting customer relationship management program that has been done in the company. This was categorized into three programs: continuity marketing, one to one marketing, and partnering program. The study showed that participants basically has implemented CRM in their businesses. They have known the basic function of CRM although they aren-t fully aware of CRM terminology. It is important for those enterprises to know and understand more of what CRM is and the benefit of implementing it so that they can perform better and create customer loyalty.

Keywords: Customer Relationship Management. Small Medium Enterprise, Loyalty

Topic: Marketing Management


Conference: The 4th Global Conference on Business, Management and Entrepreneurship (GCBME 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Vanessa Gaffar)

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