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Histopathological and Microbiological Analysis for Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis Diagnostic Scoring Model Design
Wida Purbaningsih (a*), Sadeli Masrial (b), Yani Triyani (c), Maya Tejasari (a)

a) Histology Department, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Islam Bandung
b) Microbiology Department, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Islam Bandung
c) Clinical Pathology Department, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Islam Bandung


Case finding and diagnosis of extrapulmonary tuberculosis are still difficult to enforce because not all medical care facilities can do it. This is because of the microbiological examination of tissue materials requires invasive action and special equipment. Extrapulmonary tuberculosis diagnosis should be made by observing clinical manifestation, microbiological and/or histopathological examinations of samples taken from infected organs through the biopsy process, but in practice, this is not entirely possible. The purpose of this study is to analyze the histopathological feature and microbiological examination of tissue biopsy to establish the extrapulmonary tuberculosis diagnosis in designing parameters for extrapulmonary tuberculosis diagnostic scoring model. Samples were tissue biopsy from extrapulmonary tuberculosis patients. Histopathological preparations used Hematoxylin Eosin staining while microbiological examination of Acid Fast Bacilli stains by ziehl neelsen method. The results showed that based on the degree of positivity of Acid Fast Bacilli stain most have +1. The histopathological feature were almost entirely granuloma and there was a relationship between the degree of Acid Fast Bacilli positivity and histopathology feature. This study concluded that the histopathological feature was related to the results of microbiological examination so that it can be used as a parameter for extrapulmonary tuberculosis diagnostic scoring model design.

Keywords: histopathological,extrapulmonary tuberculosis

Topic: Basic and Clinical Medical Sciences


Conference: Medical and Global Health Research Symposium (MORES 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Wida Purbaningsih)

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