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Analysis of Electricity Generation from Landfill Gas (Case Study: Manggar Landfill, Balikpapan)
Cut Keumala Banaget (a*), Basile Frick (b), Muhamad Nur Ibnu Luthfi Saud (a)

(a) Institut Teknologi Kalimantan
(b) Polytech Annecy-Chambery Universite Savoie Mont Blanc


Despite of adverse impacts on the environment, landfill has big potency as renewable energy sources since it generates biogas from organic waste degradation process which can be used for power plant purposes. In 2017, the volume of waste disposed to Manggar Landfill was 128,000 tons, which mostly are organic waste (59.4%). Therefore, this study aims to estimate the amount of energy that can be generated from landfill as methane, by calculating biogas production in landfill based on waste generation, as well as composition using LandGem and Afvalzorg model. In 2017, Manggar landfill produced about 4×103 Mg CH4/year or about 5.31 to 6.44×106 m3/year. The estimated methane then converted to electricity using gas engine and trigeneration methods. Using gas engine, methane from Manggar Landfill is predicted to produce electricity about 787 MWh/month. On the other hand, if trigeneration method applied (by keeping the same gas engine as before), it produces 41.8% of heat which convert to 29.3 kWh of cold. In conclusion, it will be beneficial if Manggar Landfill capture and treat methane for generating electricity since Manggar Landfill produces about 6.44×106 m3/year which can be used for electricity purposes of around 10,000 people using gas engine.

Keywords: Electricity; Gas engine; Landfill gas; Methane production; Trigeneration

Topic: Energy Conservation and Efficiency


Conference: The 1st International Conference on Environment, Sustainability Issues and Community Development (INCRID 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Cut Keumala Banaget)

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