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Character Module Development Through Literation Based On The Traditional Story Of Minangkabau With Using The Role Playing Method In Park children Padang City
Nurhaini, Delfi Eliza

a) Postgraduate of Padang State University
b) Early childhood education study program


This research is motivated as follows. (1) Lack of modules or story books based on traditional Minangkabau stories (2) Lack of teacher knowledge about ways and steps to read stories to children so that childrens literacy is underdeveloped (3) There is no module on traditional Minanakabau stories that can be a reference for teachers in planning learning develops character values in children. The purpose of this study is the first, to explain the process of development of the module code valid (seen from the terms of the feasibility of contents). Second, To explain the process of development of the module code that practical (seen from the terms of the ease in use). Third, to explain the process of development of the module code that effective, that is used in the Garden of Childhood Affairs Padang City. Theories used in this study are (1) The Nature of Early Childhood (2) The Character of Minangkabau Folklore (3) The Literacy Nature (4) The Role Playing Method (5) The Learning Module. Type of research this is the research and development or Research and Development (R & D) which aims to develop a module that is valid, practical, and effective. Step-by-step design of the development phase of definition (Define), Stage Design (Design), stage of development (Develope). Development of modules of learning that has been designed through three stages, namely validation, test the practicalities, and test the effectiveness of the development of the module. Indicators in the study of this, includes: Expression and Character (Communicative).

Keywords: Character Module Development, Literation Traditional Minangkabau Story, Role Playing Method

Topic: Childrens Literacy support in Digital era


Conference: The 5th International Conference of Early Childhood Education (ICECE 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Nurhaini Ani)

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