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Nutrient Content and Characterization Bioactive Compounds of Goroho Banana (Musa acumunafe sp) Stem Meal Fermented with Trichoderma viride as Feed Alternative Broiler Chickens
Marie Najoan, (*) Fenny R Wolayan,(b) Florencia N.Sompie (b)

Faculty of Animal Husbandry
Sam Ratulangi University


The aim of this research was to determine the nutrient content and characterize bioactive compounds of Goroho banana (Musa acumunafe sp) stem meal fermented with Trichoderma viride. Parameter meassured were: proximate analysis, amino acid, phytochemical, antioxidant potency of goroho banana (Musa acumunafe sp) stem meal fermented. Data were analyzed by descriptive method. Results showed that crude protein 4.86%, crude fiber 22,03, crude fat 0.94, Ca 0.42, P 0.18 and gross energy 3156,67 Kkal/kg. Amino acid were HPLC analysis demonstrated that was composed of 16 amino acids. Seven of them were essential amino acids; lysine (0.41 %) histidine (0.23 %), leucine (0.56 %), threonine (1.13 %), valine (0.11%), methionine (0.11 %), isoleucine (0.41 %), phenylalanine (0.39 %), and nine of them were non-essential amino acids; serine (0.31 %), aspartic acid (0.56 %), arginine (1.13 %), proline (0.38 %), glutamic acid (0.70 %), glycine (0.33 %), alanine (0.34 %), and tyrosine (0.30 %). Phytochemical screening by color visualization showed the presence of flavonoid 0.06 % (w/w) and analisys by tritrimetry tannin 0.01 % (w/w). Vitamin C and Vitamin E compound analysed by HPLC was Vitamin C ( Ascorbat acid ) 437 mg/ kg and Vitamin E (Tocoferol) < 0.01 mg/100 gram. It can be concluded that Goroho banana (Musa acumunafe sp) stem meal fermented with Trichoderma viride can be used as feed alternative.

Keywords: Keywords: goroho banana stem, nutrients, bioactives, feed alternative

Topic: Animal Nutrition and feed technology


Conference: The 2nd Iternational Conference of Animal Science and Technology (ICAST 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Marie Najoan)

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