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Sjamsuddin Garantjang, Muhammad Rusdy, Muhammad Hatta, Budiman Nohong and Sema

Hasanuddin University


Many factors affect the quality of milk production and dairy cattle, such as the nations fire, cowage, type of feed, months of lactation, time milking and others. The purpose of this study was to determine the differences in milk production and milk quality in the morning and evening milking of dairy cows given corn cobs fermented. The study was conducted for one month using 8 cows that were lactating, divided into two groups each consisting of 4 cows given 2 % corn cobs and 4 cows not given corn cobs. Data analysis is displayed in Grafik form, the average and standard deviations and analyzed descriptively. The results showed milk production in the morning milking treatment P1 31.03% higher than in the evening milking and P2 milking morning treatment 20.83% higher than afternoon milking or the second average morning milking treatment 25.97 % higher than afternoon milking. The group of cattle (P1) who were not given corn cobs fermented milking milk production in the morning average 8.54 ± 2.78 L / head / day higher than the afternoon milking with average milk production 5.89 ± 1.89 L / head / day , while in the cattle group (P 2) which gets fermented corn cobs in milk production milking morning 8.40 ± 1.68 L / head / day over than with the afternoon milking with an average milk production of 6, 65 ± 1.59 L /head/day. The quality of milk at p American morning seen from the protein content (3.26%) and fat (3.37%) lower than at milking afternoon with a protein content of 4.03% and 3.79% fat. In conclusion, milking in the morning produces higher milk than in the afternoon milking, whereas milk quality is higher in milk in the afternoon.

Keywords: Keywords: milking time, milk production, milk quality

Topic: Animal production Technology


Conference: The 2nd Iternational Conference of Animal Science and Technology (ICAST 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Muhammad Hatta)

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