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Synthesis of Nanostructured Silicon Nanoparticles for Anodes of Li-Ion Battery
Firman Bagja Juangsa, Bentang Arief Budiman, Poetro Lebdo Sambegoro, Prihadi Setyo Darmanto, Tomohiro Nozaki



The rapid development of renewable energy generation and electric vehicle utilization has effect on increasing demand of battery performance as the energy storage, including lithium-ion and well-developed and commercially available type of battery. In order to increase energy density, silicon is employed as anode electrodes due to its high specific capacity. However, silicon electrode has a limited cycle due to expansion and shrinkage during operation cycle, which leads to the mechanical failure. Nanostructured silicon has been reported to enhance the life cycle with various combination with other materials, including polymer. In this paper, silicon nanoparticles (SiNPs) are produced plasma chemical vapor deposition with controllable particle size. SiNPs with different particle size were produced while maintaining the crystallinity and narrow size distribution. Nanocomposite of SiNPs and polymer were produced by solution processing at low temperature, enabling a low cost of fabrication and preserves the unique properties of SiNPs. Material characterization on nanocomposite provides a potential application of SiNPs as anode material in li-ion batteries.

Keywords: li-ion battery, silicon, nanoparticle, nanocomposite

Topic: Battery Technology and Management System


Conference: The 6th International Conference on Electric Vehicular Technology (ICEVT 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Firman Bagja Juangsa)

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