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Mahyurianti (a*), Nenny Mahyuddin (b)

a) Teacher education for early childhood education, UNP
Jln. Prof. Dr. Hamka, Air Tawar, Padang, Indonesia
b) Teacher education for early childhood education postgraduate program, UNP
Jln. Prof. Dr. Hamka, Air Tawar, Padang, Indonesia


The teaching and learning process is basically an activity implementing the curriculum of an educational institution so that it can take the child to achieve the educational goals set. One effective way is to maximize the use of media. Learning media in the form of visuals in the form of images, photos, audio in the form of sound recordings, certain sounds, as well as in the combined form of both such as video recordings that contain audio and video elements have changed the paradigm of learning outcomes. One of them is by applying audio-visual media based on Minangkabau folklore to develop childrens speaking skills at TK Kartika 1-7 Padang. It is done because applying audio-visual media is one alternative that can be used to maximize childrens understanding / childrens ability in mastering the material provided by the teacher. It also makes children motivated in their desire to continue to learn and hone themselves. Referring to these problems, the writing method used is descriptive method that aims to describe the application of audio visual media based on Minangkabau folklore to develop childrens speaking skills at TK Kartika 1- 7 Padang. The population in this study was children in TK Kartika 1-7 Padang who were registered in 2018/2019. The number of children enrolled in the school year is 44, spread in two classes. Based on observations through the collection of report cards on childrens learning activities data is still very low with the percentage of BRA (Benchmark Reference Assessment) 5.10%. (Source: narrative book of TK Kartika 1-7 Padang teachers, semester I (odd) 2018/2019 school year). So that the development of children is still classified as very low, from 22 children, 7 of whom received a one-star rating (*) which was in the underdeveloped category. A three-star rating (***) means that the child is able to speak, but only 1 has a four-star rating (****) which is categorized as a child who is able to speak well and fluently and has clear articulation. So that the data shows that childrens speaking ability in Kindergarten Kartika 1-7 Padang children need to be improved.

Keywords: Childrens Speaking Ability, Audio-Visual Media, Minangkabaus Folklore

Topic: Use of information and communication (ICT) in Early Childhood Education


Conference: The 5th International Conference of Early Childhood Education (ICECE 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (SRI MAHYURIANTI)

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