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Overexpression of the Sucrose Phosphate Synthase Gene to Increase Supply of Organic Carbon on Indica Rice
Reza Anugrah Mulyatama1,2, Intan Ria Neliana1, and Bambang Sugiharto1,2,3,*

1Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Center for Development of Advanced Science and Technology (CDAST), Jember University, Jln. Kalimantan 37, Jember 68121, Indonesia
2Postgraduate Programe in Biotechnology, Jember University, Jln. Kalimantan 37, Jember 68121, Indonesia
3Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Jember University,
Jln. Kalimantan 37, Jember 68121, Indonesia


Background: Sucrose is the end product of photosyntetic carbon asimilation, that exported from source to sink tissue. There are many enzymes involved in sucrose synthesis and accumulation in plant, but sucrose phosphate synthase (SPS) is believed to be key enzyme for sucrose synthesis. Elevation of SPS activity by the overexpression gene for SPS have been reported increase sucrose content and growth of transgenic plants. The increase sucrose is then used to increase cellular metabolism and stored in plant storage organs (Park et al., 2008). The overexpression of SoSPS1 has been succesfully introduced in several plants such as tomatoes (Dewanti, 2010) and sugarcane (Miswar et al., 2007), resulted in increase of sucrose contain and growth of the transgenic plants. Overexspresion SoSPS1 gene in indica rice plants is expected to increase the synthesis of sucrose and carbon flow to increase the rice growth. Aims: Indica rice overexpression gene SoSPS1 is expected to have a higher sucrose synthesis and has an effect on increasing of growth and production of indica rice plant. Materials and Methods: The materials in using this study Ciherang rice seeds, Agrobacterium tumefaciens strain GV 3101, SoSPS1 gene construct in plasmid pCL4. Agrobacterium used as a transformation vector carries the SPS gene that has been inserted in the plasmid. The introduction of SoSPS1 gene in rice plant was conducted using Agrobacterium tumefaciens through several steps that are infection, cultivation, selection, and acclimatization of selected plants. Genomic PCR analysis was conducted to ensure that SoSPS1 gene has been integrated into the rice genome. Results: Agrobacterium mediated transformation resulted in 11 putative transgenic rice. The DNA genome was isolated from 11 putative transgenic riceaclimated in green house and used for PCR analysis. The results showed that among 11 transfroman plants, 10 transgenic rice indicate the insertion of SoSPS1 gene in the genome. Transgenic rice that inserted by SoSPS1 gene showed higher growth compared to wild type plants. These results suggest that increasing sucrose in transgenic rice provide carbon and energy for rice growth. Conclusion: From the transformation 10 transgenic rice plants were obtained. Transformation of the sucrose phosphate synthase gene can increase plant growth in indica rice. However detailed analysis is needed to determine the effect of the overexpression of the sucrose phosphate synthase gene.

Keywords: Sucrose, Indica rice, Sucrose phosphate synthase Gene.

Topic: Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture


Conference: International Conference on Bioenergy and Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture Technology (ICONBEAT 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Reza Anugrah Mulyatama)

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