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Students Perceptions of Inter-Professional Education: The Differences Among Medical, Nursing, and Pharmacys Student
Edi Purwanto, Anggraini Dwi Kurnia, Nila Choirun Naili

School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Science, University of Muhammadiyah Malang


Background: Collaboration influences the quality of healthcare; therefore, collaboration skills must be owned by every member of the healthcare team. The knowledge about competencies and role of each profession must be understood, so can avoid overlap of competencies, role, and responsibilities between professions. One of the learning methods can improve collaboration skill is Interprofessional Education (IPE), so that every member of healthcare can learn and discuss the case based on the competencies of each profession. Aim and Method: this study to know the perception of Interprofessional Education student of medical, pharmacy, and nursing science. This study used the IEPS questionnaire to measure the student-s perception of IPE. This study also used a pre-experimental design Factorial Design. This research was followed by medical, pharmacy and nursing students of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang. Result: Showed that perception and readiness of IPE before and after IPE was good, for pre-test perception (85,95%) and post-test (94,60. Results from the Wilcoxon Test (p <0.05) showed no significant changes in perception on IPE (0.068> 0.05). However, the results of the analysis of each domain in IEPS for measure perception found a significant change in the competence and autonomous domain (0.000). Conclusion: This study shows that IPE can improve perceptions of competence, autonomy, and cooperation of IPE.

Keywords: Inter-professional Education, Perception, Collaboration, Nursings Student

Topic: Basic Health Science


Conference: The 2nd Health Science International Conference (HSIC 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Edi Purwanto)

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