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Analytical Study of Steel Building Structure Response Under Thermal (Fire) and Wind Load Combination
Amatulhay Pribadi

Institut Teknologi Nasional


Thermal load due to a fire along with wind load is one of the loads which may occur on the building structure. Meanwhile, the planning of buildings in Indonesia generally does not take the load into account. The presence of thermal load can lead into the degradation of structure especially for steel structure which has low resistance to fire. The result of this thermal load is failure which can lead into the collapse of the building. In this study, there will be studied the effect of thermal and wind loads on the response of steel building structure. The structure of the building that will be studied in this research is a fifteen stories building which serves as an office. In the preliminary design stage, there will be determined the dimensions and the profiles of steel which are used for structural elements based on the required codes. Thermal load along with wind load will be assigned on the building structure by considering the degradation of steel properties, the reduction of live load and super imposed dead load, and the speed of extinguishing process. This simulation is divided into three cases which are fast extinguishing, slow extinguishing, and the determination of the critical thermal load. At the stage of preliminary design and fire simulation, structural analysis will be done using the ETABS program. The result of fire simulation shows that the temperature level and the location of the fire will greatly affect the resistance of steel building structure. If the temperature is higher, the stress ratio of structural elements will expand too. In the determination of the critical thermal load, it is obtained that the minimum thermal loads which can cause failure in one major structural element are generally different at the bottom, middle, and top level of stories. In this case study, the highest critical temperature load is on the top level stories.

Keywords: Thermal Load, Speed of Extinguishing Process, Load Reduction, Steel Properties Degradation, Structure Failure

Topic: Civil Engineering


Conference: Broad Exposure on Science and Technology (BEST 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Amatulhay Pribadi)

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