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Muhtadin and Rajab RItonga

Universitas Prof. Dr. Moestopo (Beragama)


The basic functions of communication are entertainment, amusement, deliver public opinion, social control, critics and educate (provide knowledge). Delivering opinion has the same meaning as creating a dialogue forum among the communities and between the communities and the government. This community service discuss the socialization of “the causes of the khilafian (opinion differences) in islamic communication” which is formed in speeches and discussions as one of the islamic dakwah to understand, believe and to practice Islamic syari-ah and aqidah. Khilafiah litterally means argue, different or dissagree. Basically, the ulama fiqih opinion differences happen because of two things, first: principals differenciation of the legal position, whether it can be taken as the consieration to determine the law or not. Second, principals differentiation about language rules in understanding a nash (Al-Qur-an and Al-Hadits). Therefore in this socialization the writer delivers the causes of the khilafiyah or opinion differences of Ulama Fiqh. This socialization aims to make moslem people understand, respect, appreciate and accept the opinion differences in carrying out the worship rules in Islam.

Keywords: socialization, khilafiah, dakwah, fiqih opinion

Topic: Communication Environment


Conference: International Conference on Community Development (ICCD 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Rajab Ritonga)

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