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Implementation Of 3r In Tackling The Bad Debt On Lpd In Kintamani Bangli
I Ketut Selamet, Ketut Sudarmini dan Ni Made Tamansari

Universitas Warmadewa


Channeling credit funds or activities, of course, inseparable from the troubled credit risk arising from the inability of the debtor in paying off the debt to the Creditor. In the case of travel management in Kintamani LPD as a financial institution that is in the neighborhood of the village can not avoid Indigenous cases of cases of bad debt. Judging from the development of the realization of the increase of the credit disbursed on society LPD Sekecamatan Kintamani in the span of 3 years on 2014-2016 in a row as follows: in the year 2014 is Rp. 113,361,623,000.00, the year 2015 rising to Rp. 130,326,919,000.00 and in the year 2016 rose to Rp. 140,465,469,000.00. This followed a rise in the number of clients from year to year for 5 years each; in the year 2014 as many 11,437,000 clients, the year 2015 as much 11,460,000 customer and year 2016 as much as 11,469,000 the customer. From a number of existing clients and credit such as the above that per December 2016 recorded there is 8.20% LPD categories crashes, 21.31% categories are less healthy, 11.48% categories are quite healthy and only 59.02% fall into the categories of healthy with good development and positive. Then it can be raised an issue of how the implementation of the 3R (Rescheduling, Reconditioning, Restructuring) in handling credit problematic on LPD Kintamani. To answer this problem then the researcher using qualitative descriptive analysis to expose the 3R concept implementation in dealing with bad debt. Based on the results of observation and in-depth interview on respondents taken with methods of snowball sampling, then found that: based on the data analysis and discussion of conclusions can be drawn under the 3R principles Implementation in the handling bad debt on the existing indigenous village of LPD Kintamani havent done to its full potential. On the other hand the existence of doubts attitude of managers and supervisors party leniency, in this case, is the leader of the Indigenous Villages in the running of the agreement or the rules based on the customary law had been made in resolving the question of the legal law of LPD. There is a feeling of Ewuh Pakewuh supervisor in carrying out sanctions-sanctions on perpetrators of debtors who are not disciplined. This much is driven by a sense of brotherhood that still dominates in the management of LPD is not yet fully apply the principle of professionalism in doing business.

Keywords: 3R Implementation, LPD debtor, village chief, customary law

Topic: Kesejahteraan Masyarakat


Conference: Seminar Nasional (Pengelolaan Sumber Daya Air dan Pengembangan Kawasan Berbasis Ekowisata Menuju Bali Era Baru) (SEMNAS 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Made Dessy Kristyani)

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