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Adoption Level of Integrated Farming System Based on Rice-Cattle and Its Determinants
Novitri Kurniati1, Ketut Sukiyono2 , and Purmini3

1 Faculty of Agriculture, University of Muhammadiyah Bengkulu, INDONESIA
2 Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bengkulu, INDONESIA
3 Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Bengkulu, INDONESIA


Abstract. One of the ways to restore the fertility of rice fields is through improving soil structure and fulfilling soil microbes by using organic fertilizer derived from livestock waste. For this reason, it is necessary to implement an Integrated Plant Crop System that combines rice and cattle. The study aims at analyzing the determinants of farmers decisions in adopting integrated rice-based integrated farming systems in Bengkulu Province. This research applied survey method, which was conducted in Seluma and Rejang Lebong Regencies Bengkulu Province. The data taken includes primary and secondary data and were analyzed with the use of Regression Logistic Multinomial. The results indicated that simultaneously all the predictor variables had a significant effect on the response variable, while partially the income, land area, number of cattle and farmers perceptions had a very significant effect on the adoption of the integration system while the variable costs of production, farming experience and labor did not have a significant effect on the decision to adopt a rice and cattle integration system.

Keywords: Keywords : Adoption, integrated farming, rice, cattle

Topic: Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture


Conference: International Conference on Bioenergy and Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture Technology (ICONBEAT 2019)

Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Novitri Kurniati)

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